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Gallery of Pennsylvania Fishes
PA Fishes book cover image - click for purchasing information   Go Fish collector cards - click for more infoText and pictures taken from the Commission's reference book "Pennsylvania Fishes," written by award-winning author Linda Steiner and illustrated by Commission graphic artist Ted Walke. Books are available for purchase at The Outdoor Shop, and at many Commission offices.

Fish families are listed in phylogenetic order, oldest family first. Within families, species are listed alphabetically by scientific names.
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1. Fish Biology
  dunkleosteus Dunkleosteus    
2. Pennsylvania Species by Watersheds
3. Key to Selected Families of Pennsylvania Fishes
4. Lampreys (Family Petromyzontidae)
  sea lamprey Sea Lamprey ohio lamprey Ohio Lamprey
  northern brook lamprey Northern Brook Lamprey mountain brook lamprey Mountain Brook Lamprey
  american brook lamprey American Brook Lamprey    
5. Sturgeons (Family Acipenseridae)
  shortnose sturgeon Shortnose Sturgeon lake sturgeon Lake Sturgeon
  atlantic sturgeon Atlantic Sturgeon    
6. Paddlefishes (Family Polyodontidae)
  paddlefish Paddlefish    
7. Gars (Family Lepisosteidae)
  spotted gar Spotted Gar longnose gar Longnose Gar
8. Bowfins (Family Amiidae)
  bowfin Bowfin    
n/a Mooneye (Family Hiodontidae)
  mooneye Mooneye
(Hiddon tergisus)
9. Fresshwater Eels (Family Anguillidae)
  american eel American Eel    
10. Herrings (Family Clupeidae)
blueback herring Blueback Herring hickory shad Hickory Shad
alewife Alewife american shad American Shad
gizzard shad Gizzard Shad    
11. Carps and Minnows (Family Cyprinidae)
  bluntnose minnow Bluntnose Minnow cutlips minnow Cutlips Minnow
  central stoneroller Central Stoneroller emerald shiner Emerald Shiner
  Hornyhead chub Hornyhead Chub grass carp Grass Carp
  carp Common Carp common shiner Common Shiner
  river chub River Chub golden shiner Golden Shiner
  fathead minnow Fathead Minnow spotfin shiner Spotfin Shiner
  rosyface shiner Rosyface Shiner blacknose dace  Blacknose Dace
  longnose dace Longnose Dace creek chub Creek Chub
  fallfish Fallfish    
12. Suckers (Family Catostomidae)
  quillback Quillback white sucker White Sucker
  northern hog sucker Northern Hog Sucker river redhorse River Redhorse
  shorthead redhorse Shorthead Redhorse    
13. North American Catfishes (Family Ictaluridae)
  white catfish White Catfish yellow bullhead Yellow Bullhead
  brown bullhead Brown Bullhead channel catfish Channel Catfish
  margined madtom Margined Madtom stonecat Stonecat
  flathead catfish Flathead Catfish    
14. Smelts (Family Osmeridae)
  rainbow smelt Rainbow Smelt    
15. Trouts and Salmons (Family Salmonidae)
  coho salmon Coho Salmon chinook salmon Chinook Salmon
  pink salmon Pink Salmon rainbow trout Rainbow Trout
  steelhead Steelhead golden rainbow trout Golden Rainbow Trout
  brown trout Brown Trout brook trout Brook Trout
  lake trout Lake Trout Atlantic salmon Atlantic Salmon
16. Pikes and Mudminnows (Family Esocidae)
  redfin pickerel Redfin Pickerel grass pickerel Grass Pickerel
  northern pike Northern Pike tiger muskellunge Tiger Muskellunge
  muskellunge Muskellunge chain pickerel Chain Pickerel
17. Cods (Family Gadidae)
  burbot Burbot    
18. Topminnows (Family Fundulidae)
  banded killifish Banded Killifish    
19. Sticklebacks (Family Gasterosteidae)
  threespine stickleback Threespine Stickleback    
20. Sculpins (Family Cottidae)
  mottled sculpin Mottled Sculpin slimy sculpin Slimy Sculpin
21. Temperate Basses (Family Moronidae)
  white perch White Perch white bass White Bass
  striped bass Striped Bass striped bass hybrid Striped Bass Hybrid
22. Sunfishes (Family Centrarchidae)
  redear sunfish Redear Sunfish banded sunfish Banded Sunfish
  blackbanded sunfish Blackbanded Sunfish bluespotted sunfish Bluespotted Sunfish
  warmouth Warmouth mud sunfish Mud Sunfish
  longear sunfish Longear Sunfish rock bass Rock Bass
  redbreast sunfish Redbreast Sunfish green sunfish Green Sunfish
  pumpkinseed Pumpkinseed bluegill Bluegill
  smallmouth bass Smallmouth Bass spotted bass Spotted Bass
  largemouth bass Largemouth Bass white crappie White Crappie
  black crappie Black Crappie    
23. Perches and Darters (Family Percidae)
  greenside darter Greenside Darter banded darter Banded Darter
  rainbow darter Rainbow Darter bluebreast darter Bluebreast Darter
  johnny darter Johnny Darter tesselated darter Tesselated Darter
  gilt darter Gilt Darter spotted darter Spotted Darter
  longhead darter Longhead Darter eastern sand darter Eastern Sand Darter
  tippecanoe darter Tippecanoe Darter yellow perch Yellow Perch
  logperch Logperch sauger Sauger
  saugeye Saugeye walleye Walleye
24. Drums and Croakers (Family Sciaenidae)
  freshwater drum Freshwater Drum    
  1. Fish Biology
  2. PA Species by Watershed
  3. Family Key
  4. Lampreys
  5. Sturgeons
  6. Paddlefishes
  7. Gars
  8. Bowfins
  9. Freshwater Eels
  10. Herrings
  11. Carps & Minnows
  12. Suckers
  13. N. American Catfishes
  14. Smelts
  15. Trouts & Salmons
  16. Pikes & Mudminnows
  17. Cods
  18. Topminnows
  19. Sticklebacks
  20. Sculpins
  21. Temperate Basses
  22. Sunfishes
  23. Perches & Darters
  24. Drums & Croakers


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